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Guest Artists

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Kilauea "Keela"

Tattooing 25 Years
Travel all over the U.S. 

Part of the Three Eyed Art Collective 
Tattoo Tours & Conventions - Award Winner 
Can do everything, but he digs Cartoon, Neo Traditional. Works on Big Island, is guest spotting in Infinite Ink until 12/09/23, but possibly until 12/11/23


Cell: 808 - 278 - 0046

  • Instagram


  • Instagram

Dates: 12/19/2023 - 01/05/2024

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Ashley is an artist who started her tattoo journey in 2019.

Ashley specializes in black and grey realism. Her favorite styles are realism,
surrealism and abstract. She loves being able to create pieces that tell a story
and have deep meaning from within. She enjoys creating special and positive
experiences with each of her clients leaving them happier than when they walked

Outside of tattooing, Ashley loves to draw, paint, go to the beach and spend
quality time with her family. She also enjoys going to art shows and museums for
inspiration that spark her passion for art even more. She loves to explore the curiosity, the artwork, the studies made, and being able to connect with other artists and openly share ideas

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